Car rental Terms, Conditions and Regulations

1. General Terms

The vehicle is rented in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Car Rental contract. All the Terms and Conditions are printed on the other side of the Contract. The customers are strongly advised to ready carefully and confirm their approval of the stated Terms and Conditions, by signing the Contract. The Clients must fulfill all the conditions specified, including age, payment method, driving license and a valid passport. Copies of the driving license and passport are mandatory at the moment of hiring.

2. Client's Age

The minimum age of a renting client is 21 years old. The Client has to present a valid driving license, with a minimum experience of one year. Any other additional driver must fulfill the same conditions.

3. Reservations

The Reservations will be confirmed based on car groups. In the case that Perla Grup does not have an available car from the reserved group, the client will be offered a car belonging to a higher class, but at the initially confirmed price. (applicable when a reservation made has received a confirmation from our side).

4. Car Availability

The cars are available in the city Pitesti and in other cities, at request. The delivery of the car at the address specified by you is free in the city Pitesti and for the delivery of the car in another city will be charged a dislocation tax established depeding on the location.

5. Payment Methods

Perla Grup accepts the following credit cards: Visa and MasterCard/Eurocard. The cash payment can be done in one of the following currencies: Euro, USD or RON.

6. Car Rental Prices

The oils, the maintenance and the mandatory insurance are included in the price. The gasoline is not included in the price. You will receive the car with a certain level of the fuel in the tank and you must return it with the same level of the trunk. Otherwise, you will have to pay the gasoline that is missing, at the price practiced by the gas stations.

7. Special equipment

We offer free of charge our optionals.

8. Pick up / Return

We don't charge additional tax for the delivery/return of the car at an address within the borders of the city Pitesti. The delivery/return of the car in a city other than Pitesti is being charged.

9. Inssurance

The insurance in case of accident and the Insurance against theft are valid only in Romania. We kindly ask you to keep in mind that in the unfortunate case of an accident must be announced immediately the nearest Police Station and must be elaborated a signed statement. Without this signed statement you'll be responsible of the costs for the repairs of the motor vehicle. The insurances do not cover the responsibility of the client for the damages caused to the motor vehicles of the Perla Grup company in the following situations: damages caused in the interior or underneath the car, deliberate actions of destruction or negligence, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, tickets given by the Road Police are not presented in the moment of returning the car, driving of the car by an unauthorized person.

10. Crossing Borders

Is not allowed the passage of the frontiers with the vehicles of the Perla Grup company.

11. Technical problems

In the case of some problems at the rented vehicles, we'll replace you the car with another, in the same day, in the shortest time possible. This means that if you have any break down and you call us, in that moment another car will leave from Pitesti to the location where you are at.